AG Barr has changed the name of its Irn-Bru Diet brand to Irn-Bru Sugar Free to cash in on growth in low-calorie soft drinks.

Irn-Bru Sugar Free, available now, is made to the same recipe, but the packaging has been changed to reflect the drink’s sugar-free credentials.

The changes would help the brand tap consumers’ thirst for sugar-free, rather than diet, drinks, explained AG Barr.

“The sugar-free message is more widely understood than ‘Diet’ and it’s important the benefit is clear to consumers,” said Mark Jephcott, PR manager, AG Barr. “We expect the changes to have a significant impact on sales and are looking to achieve double-digit growth.”

To support the changes, the healthier brand returns to TV next month for the first time in five years.

Last year, Irn-Bru Diet grew 6% in the UK [Nielsen MAT to 27 November, 2010].