Popular French chocolate milk drink Cacolac is about to hit UK shores. The low-fat cocoa flavoured skimmed milk drink, which can be drunk cold from the fridge, at room temperature or served hot, has been sold in France since 1956 with annual sales of over E30m.
In the UK, Cacolac will be available in 250ml ring-pull cans and will retail between 79p and 89p.
Elaine Meade, sales manager at Javelin Foods, which will be marketing the drink on this side of the Channel, said Cacolac was an ideal product for fast food and take-away outlets such as sandwich bars.
She added: “We sampled the product with four prime target groups: French consumers living in the UK, UK consumers who already knew Cacolac and children and adults who had never tasted it before. Cacolac was well received by each group and confirmed our belief that there is a major market for the brand in the UK.”
Javelin Foods is currently preparing an entry marketing strategy and seeking distributors to handle sales across the grocery and foodservice sectors.