A raft of product launches under new brand Fruit Bowl aims to make the fruit snacking category more appealing to children. Norfolk based company Stream Foods has been developing products over the past year around the theme of "fruit made more fun to eat". The products' positioning is high fruit content with an appearance which is appetising to kids and therefore aimed directly at lunchboxes. The products include Fruit Bowl Fruit Flakes, which come in 20g individual bags in strawberry, blackcurrant, orange and tropical flavours (rsp 39p). Fruit Bowl School Bars come in strawberry, blackcurrant, apple and apricot flavours (rsp £1.35 for a pack of five bars). And the most innovative product is Fruit Bowl Reel-a-Peel. This looks like a roll of sellotape and has pieces of fruit thinly pressed to the roll. The idea is for kids to have fun peeling off the fruit and eating it. It comes in strawberry, apple and orange flavours, with five rolls per tube (rsp £1.49). Stream Foods believes that the £8m fruit snack category has the potential to grow to £60m in the UK. It has grown much more quickly in countries such as the US, Canada and Australia. A spokesman said: "We believe that the category will quickly develop sufficient momentum to be managed as a category in its own right. "But in the short term it is likely to be merchandised alongside fresh produce or with other dried fruit products." It has confirmed listings with Sainsbury, Asda, Budgens and Morrisons. {{P&P }}