We have done a lot of work with bread in wicker baskets and slatted boxes. We've seen lots of growth not just in instore bakery but in speciality bread, and our treats ­ muffins, doughnuts and pastries ­ are also growing. If you can merchandise them fantastically, people can't resist them. We now have scratch bakers in most stores and try to get them to interact more with customers to create some theatre in the sector. We offer a full range of fougasse, ciabattas and filled bread and have a lot of new lines coming in at the end of May, such as an amaizing' red pepper and sweetcorn loaf. We also have some savoury English muffins coming into the hot-plate section. We are also planning to roll out the photo cake. However, our main thrust this year is local initiatives. Our East Anglian bread has been successful because people are interested in where a product comes from, especially if it's from the fields where they live. With the Jubilee, we saw a similar opportunity and have four shaped loaves made from wheat sourced from the royal estate at Windsor. After that, we are hoping to stage a roll out of local bread in the UK. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}