Jordans is adding to the surge of healthy products entering the cereal category with the launch of what it claims is the first-ever multigrain porridge.
The porridge, which is a blend of four grains - oats, wheat, barley and rice (rsp: £1.59) - provides a combination of health benefits above those provided by single-grain porridge oats, says Jordans.
High in fibre and wholegrain, with no added salt or sugar, Multigrain Porridge contains 40% less fat than standard porridge, has a low Glycaemic Index rating and can help to reduce cholesterol, claims the company.
Matthew Raw, product manager, said that although the porridge contained different ingredients to its standard product, the formulation meant that the taste was similar. It contains 50% oats, 23% wheat, 17% barley and 10% rice, which Raw said added a creaminess to the cereal.
The wholegrain oats, wheat and barley are farmed following Conservation Grade farming scheme standards, which require farmers to set aside 10% of land as a habitat for wildlife.
Raw said: “There has been a surge in demand for porridge in the past year, with our organic porridge sales up 65% and Conservation Grade porridge up 76%, as people want natural, satisfying products that are good for them.”
The multigrain product targets adults, which Raw said were still the main consumers of porridge.