Mary Carmichael Kellogg's is launching a limited edition Caramel Coco Pops this week amid criticism of the brand's nutritional value. The new baby comes as a boxed cereal and as a cereal bar ­ the fastest growing breakfast sector. Unfortunately, its arrival coincides with a Food Commission study which found that cereal bars, particularly Coco Pops, were high in both sugar and fat. Kellogg's said its Cereal & Milk Bars were intended as a snack option rather than a breakfast replacement and were still a "valuable source of iron and calcium". It claims the new variant is the UK's first caramel breakfast cereal. "Caramel flavoured foods perform well, especially in the highly competitive children's markets," said UK sales director Kevin Jones. Kellogg's is backing the launch with a £500,000 campaign that includes a new animated TV ad breaking on Monday (October 29). It features Coco Pops brand ambassador Coco Monkey and his pals singing. Coco will also appear in a comic strip in children's comics such as the Dandy and the Beano. Rsp: cereal, £2.49, 500g; cereal and milk bar, 25p, single, £1.19, pack of six. {{P&P }}