A babyfood brand is making its debut with a range of products frozen into portion-control cubes.

KiddieCubes, available from January, is a range of Stage One and Two purées sold in packs of a dozen 25g cubes (rsp: £2.99). The frozen cube format was a first for UK babyfood, said founder Issy Langly-Smith, and allowed portion sizes to be easily controlled.

Langly-Smith, a nutritional therapist, said the range was made with fresh organic ingredients that were “gently cooked and then fast-frozen”.

“KiddieCubes offers the weaning holy grail - a product that provides the taste and nutritional benefits of home cooking but without spending hours in the kitchen,” she claimed.

The initial line-up of 14 products - which are manufactured by Surrey-based Frecco Food & Beverage - includes stage one purées such as apple & pear, creamy porridge and Eat Your Green veg mix and stage two purées including chicken & veg hot pot; fisherman’s pie and lamb casserole.

KiddieCubes has secured listings with independent retailers and is seeking supermarket listings.

The product tapped into interest in organic, home-cooked food, and would resonate emotionally with parents, suggested Mintel senior food analyst Alex Beckett.

“The transparent window on the packs, which allows consumers to see the product, will lift consumer trust,” he said, adding that shoppers were increasingly aware of the idea that nutrients were “locked in” when food was frozen.