Lambrini’s strong female following can look forward to the launch of Lambrini Cream, a creamier variety of the popular perry brand blended with white wine and Calvados.
Halewood International decided to launch the new perry-based drink, which will be available in 70cl bottles at £5.99, after the success of last summer’s Cherry and Diet Lambrini launches. The creamier variant will have nearly double the alcoholic strength with 14.5% abv, compared with the original 7.5% abv.
Shah Khan, brand manager for Lambrini, said: “Our research showed conclusively that there is fantastic loyalty to the Lambrini brand.
“Consumers want an affordable, big-brand cream liqueur for everyday consumption.”
After carrying out extensive consumer research, Lambrini decided to create a drink with a new creamy texture to go with its current portfolio of sweet and light perry varieties. The new drink is already listed with major cash and carries and multiple retailers.
The brand awareness for Lambrini was enhanced at the end of last year after the launch of a £1m TV campaign, working with the drink’s long-standing strapline, ‘Lambrini girls just wanna have fun’.The brand awareness campaign continued over the Grand National weekend with a free taxi service on offer to Lambrini girls.