Sir; During a recent visit to our local supermarket cafeteria, I found my progress with a laden tray towards the cash desk halted by a large display of Easter Eggs. After I had spilt my coffee negotiating this, the cashier told me the layout had come from "head office". Once again it struck me that many of the practices common in the retail trade really do not have a place within the hospitality industry. Retailers have been quick to see the opportunities here, but slow to realise they have lots to learn about customer satisfaction. They operate on tight margins with loyalty fed by price ­ hence the somewhat cavalier attitude towards customer care. Supermarket giants are looking to satisfy consumers in other ways, but in the hospitality division of retailing, it must be the practices of the hospitality industry which prevail. The sector has worked hard to improve standards of service and customer care. But the retail arena also offers lots of good advice for the hospitality industry, including merchandising skills and the hard nosed retail edge needed to drive profit from space available. Consumers are a discerning bunch, and for retailers to succeed in catering they must learn that efficient, friendly service is paramount and the customer really is king. Roddy Watt ceo Berkeley Scott {{LETTERS }}