Morrisons granny smith apples packaged

Source: The Grocer

Sir, Regarding your story ‘Investment fund launched for eco-friendly packaging’ you can’t fault the intention - but unless there’s greater central funding, and proper consultation with experts, we won’t find a joined-up answer to green packaging.

At first, plant-based, bio-plastic alternatives may seem at odds with current production methods, as it may take away land from edible crops. Similarly, unless the public is educated to identify which plastics can and can’t be recycled, plastic alternatives could even contaminate existing recycling systems.

A closed loop economy is the grand plan, but we need experts and government to implement it, potentially with subsidies to offset the expense. Firms are looking in the right direction, but there’s no quick fix. Frustratingly, it’s a global problem with local solutions.

Peter Cottington, production director, Coley Porter Bell