Brewdog Beers

Sir, I read with interest that BrewDog has achieved record half-year results, with total revenues hitting £78m over the first six months of 2018, a 55% increase on the same period last year.

There will be many reasons contributing to BrewDog’s success, but one of them is its desire to be more human-centred, an important trend taking root in the business world. We see three driving forces behind this change: the success of companies providing positive customer-led experiences, a growing dissatisfaction with old employment practices and the increasing focus on transparent and ethical organisations. These factors have fuelled the growth of a new breed of business - one that we call the human-centred organisation.

Human-centred organisations put their customers’ experience at the heart of their activities, working to understand their complex, fast-evolving and well-informed needs.

They replace bureaucratic corporate hierarchies with more flexible, collaborative and creative working environments that engage and inspire the best people to join them.

Becoming a human-centred organisation is not easy. Many companies need to feel as though they’re on a burning platform before embarking on the journey. But it’s happening.

Despite the difficulties and resistance they will encounter along the way, we believe it’s a journey that all companies will need to begin sooner or later. Their future success depends on it.

Mark Ralphs, partner, Good Rebels