Sir, I have been following with interest your excellent Waste Not Want Not campaign for the government to subsidise surplus food distribution, an issue that affects so many of us in the industry.

Having recently spent some time with colleagues at our local food bank, One Can Trust, my colleagues and I have witnessed first-hand how inefficient redistribution of surplus food can be, and how reliant it is on the goodwill of volunteers. As a result, I would ask that your campaign goes one step further, and asks government to subsidise not just the cost of getting surplus food to charities but also the cost of those charities redistributing it to the people who need it.

My second request is that our industry gets behind this worthwhile campaign. At the time of writing, your petition has gathered only a few hundred signatures. However, considering our industry employs millions of people, I would argue that, collectively, we can do a lot better and would urge all your readers to sign your petition.

Rob Amar, managing director, RH Amar