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Dairy’s real potential

Sir, As has been well reported in The Grocer and many other publications, the last 18 months have been a very challenging time for all in the dairy industry. So it was to good to see this year’s The Dairymen set out an optimistic agenda for the industry with insightful commentary, topical sector focuses and examples of how the category is benefiting from sustained investment and innovation. Indeed, in championing and celebrating the very best attributes of dairy products and those who make them, this year’s The Dairymen clearly demonstrates that the UK dairy industry has real potential for the future.

Will Sanderson, director, Sanderson Communications

Good work on milk!

Sir, I absolutely love the Milk Does Good campaign (The Dairymen 2016, p4) and where on earth can I buy this 250ml bottle of goodness please?! Superb! About time some thinking outside of the bottle is used. Well done to RPM and The Grocer!

Carol Ford, via

Amazon scale challenge

Sir, Amazon Prime is truly a wonderful thing. Away on business but have forgotten an essential? No problem, get it within an hour.

The current fee of £79 may sound a small price to pay for this convenience. However, delivery within an hour requires a physical presence nearby (3D printing hasn’t got that far… yet). The supply chain is getting stretched and there is a need for not just national distribution centres but for incrementally smaller distribution hubs in suburbs and even town centres. This infrastructure costs and I suspect the Amazons of the world will be loathe to pass these costs on to consumers.

It’s going to take a lot of £79s and a collaborative approach between the likes of Amazon and its supply chain to help 3PLs of every size absorb the cost of providing this service, which consumers may well start to see as the norm.

Matthew Williamson, partner, Weightmans