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Sir, In response to your article ‘Veg growers count the cost of severe flooding’, the widely publicised collapse of a supermarket ceiling in Scotland this week demonstrates that the devastating impact of severe flooding is not limited to UK growers, but the UK’s entire food supply chain.

With climate change bringing wild and unexpected weather patterns, simply hoping for the best is no longer effective if you want to maintain business continuity.

The impacts of flooding are far reaching, challenging your ability to trade, and affecting customer and supplier relationships, as well as the value of your assets and stock.

The UK has been subject to at least one major flood every year since 1988, with the average cost of flood damage estimated to be four times that caused by fire. The unprecedented rainfall witnessed this summer should serve as a wake-up call to businesses to assess their vulnerability to flood risks and take appropriate action.

Ensuring the sector is prepared and protected, so that when the worst happens, it can respond and recover quickly, is now a necessity.

Mark Griffiths, flood resilience specialist, Adler & Allan