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Healthy leadership

Sir, With reference to (‘The healthiest convenience store in the UK?’), it is my opinion this approach in hospitals has been long overdue, and I congratulate the leadership team in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and National Services Scotland for developing and implementing this proof of ­concept into their hospital.

Next year will be significant for the NHS in Scotland, as convenience stores in hospitals will have to comply with the strict healthy living accreditation laid down for hospitals across Scotland.

Healthy living accreditation should not only be for hospitals, but should be essential to high street convenience as well.

Simon Ross, Ross & Brown

Be brave with pairings

Sir, We were delighted to read Central England Co-op has partnered with ‘There’s A Beer for That’ to introduce shoppers to the world of possibilities from food and drink pairings (30 April). We believe brands can use this tactic to breathe new life into their promotion strategies whilst providing more engaging consumption experiences for consumers. In broad terms, brand owners can choose between two approaches - contrasting or complementing pairings.

With contrasting, we seek to create very different sensory experiences in the mouth, perhaps through aroma, flavour or texture. Think beer and pizza; fat coats the mouth, and the beer’s carbonation cuts through it. With complementing, continuity is key. In our experience, Double IPA is a terrific match for carrot cake. How’s that for a joint promotion!

Caroline Withers, senior consumer and sensory scientist, MMR Research Worldwide

Food waste solutions

Sir, It was great to read that Sainsbury’s has extended its initiative to power its stores through food waste (‘More Sainsbury’s stores to be powered by energy from waste,’ 7 May, p6).

While the perfect solution to the food waste conundrum would be to not produce any, there will always be an element that is unavoidable.

By their very nature, supermarkets produce waste. The best-case scenario is to sell as many products as possible, but when products go out of date the best solution is to recycle it and harness the energy.

It can only be positive that a major multiple is taking this high-profile stance on food waste, and I can only hope that more influential companies in this sector and the wider food and drink industry follow suit to spread the message about the importance of recycling food waste.

Paul Killoughery, managing director, Bio Collectors