I read with interest ‘Price of goose fat to soar as Eastern European supplies fall (14 April). Goose production in the UK is generally an immature developing industry and has a long way to go to match the almost commodity-like production in places such as Poland.

With the seasonality of home production and the general small scale of the industry, the resulting supplies of British goose fat are fragmented, limited and generally stored from one production season, to supply the markets up until the next production in 12 months time. Generally speaking I think these factors will have the accumulative effect of limiting any price rises in the British product.

We would be better anyway to hold our prices where possible and gain a competitive edge on the imports. It would be a shame if in recession we were to make one of Britain’s favourite indulgencies too expensive to buy. Munns has guaranteed not to raise its prices for British goose fat until at least December 2013.

George Munns, L & AE Munns and Son