It is misleading to suggest that the Competition Commission has failed to understand properly the Experian/Goad data used in our inquiry or that we rejected more suitable data ('Experian advice ignored', The Grocer, 1 December, p4). We chose not to use the Experian Goad's ShopPoint data because it was inadequate for our specific requirement in this instance, which was to analyse trends and developments in the sector over time and observe what has changed in the UK grocery market. The ShopPoint data is relatively new and could provide only limited assistance on this point. The Experian data we did use covered the entry and exit of small and specialist shops since 1999 in more than 1,000 shopping areas across the country. The effect of supermarket entry on these types of shops in town centres and shopping areas was one of the major concerns highlighted by interest groups leading up to this inquiry - hence the relevance of this analysis. So, while extensive and robust, the data was never intended to be a simple headcount of c-stores. Far from basing our judgments solely on this data, as has been implied, we've also reported trends over a number of years in datasets compiled by IGD/Knowledge Store and the Office of National Statistics. Our findings have been based on a review of the relevant data as well as an analysis of the various arguments put forward by the ACS and others. We will continue to consult with interested parties on our findings as we work toward publishing our final report in the new year.