Compostable packaging

Sir, I read your Montezuma article and I want to interject by saying this isn’t true. We’ve had a fully compostable bar for over five years. It’s something we’re really proud of doing, especially before this call to action for more sustainable packaging.

It’s great to see many brands move towards more sustainable and ethical packaging but disappointing that they claim to be the UK’s first. There are a few confectionery brands pioneering this in the UK.

Oliver Shorts, chief chocolatier, Seed & Bean

Cath Empringham

Sir, I’m so sad to be reading this. I worked with Catherine at ICI and found her really inspiring as a finance leader. I followed her moves with interest at Ella’s Kitchen - a truly remarkable human! My thoughts are with her family and friends.

Kim Eadie, via

Tesco & Aldi price match

Sir, I do find campaigns of this nature comical. But in Tesco’s defence, if they price match all staple/core products, then the customer would have no reason to shop in Aldi, as the same price and quality could be achieved in Tesco. I think it’s clever, and Aldi are panicking.

Ruben Nate Forbes, via LinkedIn

Influenza protection

Sir, Regarding health protection in grocery and supermarkets during influenza epidemic. When personnel arrive to the workplace commuting in public transportation, it would seem feasible to wash hands before servicing customers, also after lunch break and such. Also, not to cough on to hands, or products and cash desk.

Jill, via email

No-brainer on plastics

Sir, This (‘A plastic sachets ban is a no-brainer’, is definitely a no-brainer! Places that are embracing Vegware consumables and offering condiment dispensers are giving a consumer experience that is sustainable, guilt-free, and with today’s evolving values, a premium experience.

Matthew Barney, via LinkedIn