eating crisps

Irresponsible food ads

Sir, While we concur with The Grocer’s recent Daily Bread blog (15 April) calling for suppliers to reformulate and innovate for the good of shoppers’ wellbeing, the question not being asked is: why are some companies using this crisis as an excuse to pump out irresponsible advertising for food full of fat, salt and sugar?

The food industry’s ability to put food on our tables during these unprecedented times shows how agile and responsible it can be. However, the effects of its actions have, for years, reached beyond our tables, and into our GP surgeries and hospitals by fuelling the UK’s other public health crises: obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The poorest in society have always been disproportionately affected by these preventable illnesses, and now they have to contend with those worsening the outcome of Covid-19.

We must do all we can to take the pressure off the NHS, not just during these coming weeks, but in future months and years, if it is to survive.

Katharine Jenner, campaign director & nutritionist, Action on Sugar and Action on Salt

Get the plastic ban done

Sir, While it’s understandable that the government is currently focused on critical life safety issues at the national level, it’s imperative that the UK single-use plastic ban moves forward.

The government’s announced intention to delay implementation of the ban may be understandable, but should not be a reason to delay this important move for long.

UK companies supplying sustainable packaging, including Transcend, are well positioned to supply paper straws and other items covered under the proposed ban. Most major QSR brands, who make up a large percentage of UK straw usage, have already made the switch.

The UK government estimates that we use nearly 5 billion plastic straws annually, which can be easily replaced by sustainable paper alternatives.

Lorenzo Angelucci, CEO, Transcend Packaging

Nice job, Co-op marketers

Sir, Hats off to Co-op! For a big populist brand to divert all their marketing spend to help someone else is easy to suggest, but incredibly hard to do. It’s a significant act. But what’s in it for them? For a brand whose core values are for a different, fairer and better way of doing business, I suspect everything.

Peter Heyes, Creative Director at Leo Burnett Group UK