Sir: Your article (‘olympic sponsors: who won and who stands to win?’ 18 August) nicely summed up how proud brands are to have supported Team GB. Thank you also for mentioning Lucozade Sport’s work with marvellous Mo Farah, our Ambassador.

We’re competitive sorts at GSK Consumer Healthcare and, seeing how you combined all P&G’s brands into one entry on the all-important medal table, we’d like to point out that the medals for Greg Rutherford (gold, Maximuscle), Anthony Ogogo (bronze, Maximuscle), British Triathlon (gold and bronze, Maxifuel) and Women’s Hockey (bronze, also Maxifuel), mean we should take second place overall in your table.

We’re proud of our support of the athletes and we’re also passionate about silverware. Can we have our medal, please?

James O’Shea, marketing director, Maxinutrition, GSK Consumer Healthcare