cowboy eating jerky

Sir, We read with interest Claire Nuttall’s piece predicting ‘A bright future for protein’ (9 April, p22).

Claire proclaimed how a recent trip to the Natural Products Expo West in the US had left her in no doubt about how dominant the protein trend continues to be, and it’s a view we share.

As eating habits continue to change radically, from the three square meals a day of yesteryear to a new regime of snacking throughout the day, a whole new opportunity is opening up for both retailers and new producers like us.

Indeed, with sales of meat snacks up by 17% over the past two years to top £149m, and the ONS having recently added meat snacks to the ‘shopping basket’ it uses to measure consumer price inflation, there are a number of compelling reasons for retailers to stock up or miss out on one the hottest new opportunities in grocery and convenience retailing.

But it is vital that retailers and suppliers work together to ensure that we are attracting both men and women into a category that has been dominated by brands clearly aimed at a male audience.

That is why we have just launched Top Herd, an eight-strong range of beef, pork and turkey jerky and salami that is clearly aimed at both men and women with exciting new flavours. All use quality cuts of meat, and our smaller pack sizes contain fewer than 100 calories per serving.

After all, surely it’s better to target the whole of the audience available, rather than just half of it.

Simon & Philippa Worne, founders, Top Herd