Food picture phone technology

Sir, Foodtech is a hugely exciting and dynamic sector - and it’s attracting more and more investment. According to data from Agfunder, $4.4bn was invested in this sector in H1 2017 globally, a 6% year-over-year increase.

Given the critical importance of food to the future of mankind and the challenge of an ever-growing global population, the scope for food tech is much wider than other trendy techs such as fintech, proptech or edtech. People all over the world are working to develop technologies to improve how food is produced, distributed and stored. The work these pioneers are doing is crucial in shaping our future food system and solving the issues that future generations will have to confront.

To date, however, there hasn’t been a common database to connect and promote rising enterprises in the foodtech sector. We are hoping to change this with our recently launched Global Food Tech Map, which highlights some of the key players in this fast-evolving sector. Our goal is to enable corporates, investors and companies to interact with one another to collectively build a brighter future of food - and to raise awareness about the latest innovation and developments to help corporate investors and entrepreneurs to better understand the ecosystem and ultimately spark meaningful collaborations between them.

Alessio D’Antino, founder, Crowdfooding