cereal boxes

Sir, It is insulting people’s intelligence to think they need colour codes for salt, sugar and fat on the front of pack (‘Action on Sugar blasts cereal manufacturer nutrition labelling’, thegrocer.co.uk, 8 August). We are all capable of reading the ingredients and nutrition information, which are clearly and proudly stated in large letters on the side of all our packs.

We are selling good food. Not cigarettes. We shouldn’t need to put health warnings on the front of pack. Demonising ingredients encourages fear and a terrible relationship with food. What we need is food education, not scaremongering. A food fear culture is not helpful.

None of our breakfast cereals are high in sugar. The highest sugar content of these is the Coconut and Chia (15g/100g), which is still well within medium range. Just as not all fats are equal - there are good fats and bad fats - so sugar is not a homogenous substance. The only sugars we use are completely unrefined, such as rapadura, or wild in origin, such as honey. Health is core to the Rude Health brand, but we stand for more than just that. Reducing food to fat, sugar and salt is too simplistic.

Camilla Barnard, Rude Health