I’d like to point out my distaste with the propaganda you are sprouting with your Grocer 33 figures. This survey is hardly a typical basket, nor is it very representative of what customers buy.

Last week it included a pomegranate, Tilda Steamed Lime and Coriander Rice and Maynard’s Midget Gems. The 33 lines are a tiny proportion of the more than 20,000 food lines that you will find in most supermarkets.

I would not be surprised to see that where you state that prices in supermarkets are increasing from the previous week, you chose lines that had been on promotion. Try doing some actual journalism, rather than this lazy nonsense.
Thomas, via email

The editor writes: More time, money and thought is spent on the Grocer 33 than any other page in this magazine. We’re cross-checking thousands of prices every week. The Grocer 33 is a carefully weighted sample, selected in advance, and changing from week to week. The inclusion, alongside staples, of items such as pomegranates (currently in season) far better reflects the diversity of shopping baskets than if we were only to publish a list of the 100 bestselling lines.