Sir: Hamish Renton makes interesting points about ethics in the bottled water industry (‘The only way is ethics but whose?’, 10 November), yet only breaks the surface of an ocean of issues surrounding water footprints and attitudes towards water scarcity.

A recent WRAP survey found only 12% of people worry about the amount of water wasted in food production, while just 10% are concerned about global water scarcity. Conversely, around a third are concerned about packaging and food waste - no doubt because this is more immediate and visible.

The use of water in food and drink production is a critical business issue, vital to profitability and sustainability.

A recent Defra study looking at climate change adaptation in food and beverage businesses found that most are developing strategies to manage the risks posed by anticipated water availability restrictions.

But action needs to extend into people’s homes and lives. Organisations need to motivate people to act differently.

With an expanding global population and and the eer-growing threat of climate change, we need to market new behaviours - not products.

Belinda Miller, director of insight, Corporate Culture, Liverpool