Dairy cow chasing man

Sir, Your ’Do Brits think dairy is scary?’ feature (The Dairymen, 16 September, p34) highlighted some compelling research. At General Mills we recognise that some consumers are looking at cutting back on dairy and for many years we have proactively made nutritional improvements to our products to cater for changing preferences.

The stats that three out of four shoppers are not considering cutting back on dairy in their diet and that 40% are willing to pay more to support farmers is great news. We find consumers will pay a premium for products that fit with their lifestyle choices, such as selecting products with more natural ingredients like our Liberté range. That said, we feel the dairy industry, as a whole, needs to shout more about the health benefits of its products and provide more transparency about the real levels of fat and sugar, as these can often be perceived as being higher than they actually are.

Richard Williams, marketing director, General Mills (Northern Europe)