Wincanton heavy vehicle

Green collaboration

Sir, With COP21 in Paris delivering results, the industry must consider the small changes that can be made to help the UK meet its climate change ­targets.

The watchword here is collaboration. Initiatives such as combining delivery services and utilising excess warehouse space mean retailers are able to significantly improve their carbon efficiencies and create a more streamlined supply chain.

Consolidation centres - or holding warehouses - enable delivery on a “just in time” basis, reducing costs, congestion and emissions. The benefits are not just environmental. Through smarter working, efficiencies and savings can be realised that ripple through the whole supply chain.

Liam McElroy, MD retail, Wincanton

Highlands vs obesity

Sir, Increasing sugar consumption is one of many problems associated with the UK obesity crisis. Highlands and Islands Enterprise works alongside partners including Interface and Scottish Manufacturing Service to help food and drink producers throughout the North and West of Scotland develop innovative food and drink products with positive health credentials.

With the support of HIE’s innovation service, including a dedicated food and drink innovation development manager, I am confident that 2016, the Scottish Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, is going to see an acceleration in the development of new products that appeal to an increasingly sugar-conscious public.

Elaine Jamieson, head of food and drink, Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Total sugar is the issue

Sir, I agree with the FDF director general Ian Wright that more in the industry’s workforce should speak out, however when you do so you run the risk of being demonised by the same industry.

My view remains that the ‘no added sugar’ retailer-led mantra that kicked off before summer was a kneejerk response to health lobby concerns that led to short-term formulation tinkering. If the industry could be tasked with total sugar reduction targets and not artificial and unhelpful added-sugar reduction targets, this would help deliver better food & drink.

Sophia Nadur, via