Lidl has enjoyed soaring sales of its Deluxe premium range as it attracts a wider demographic into its stores.

The German discounter, which has been plugging its range of posh nosh in press ads in recent weeks, said the sales hike had encouraged it to double the size of the Deluxe range in the run up to Christmas.

“Sales of the listed Deluxe lines that we carry all year round are up 200% on last year,” said a spokeswoman. “We are planning to double our Christmas range this year as a result. We have a slightly new customer base coming into our stores, and this sales increase is tied in with the general trend for what some of our shoppers are looking for now.”

She also added that since introducing its new premium wine Cellar range three weeks ago, sales of wine overall had also seen a spike.

“We launched the premium wine range on 27 September and have seen a sales increase of 20% across our entire wine range,” she said. “Given it was only launched three weeks ago, it’s had a quick impact and hopefully that positive trend will continue up to Christmas.”