British holiday makers, famous for being slack with the sun cream and over-indulgent with the booze, could be in for a treat with new shower gel products that the maker claims can automatically apply sun cream or help cure hangovers.

Linco Care, owner of the Calypso sun care and Silkia skin care brands, is set to launch Silkia Wash-On SPF15, a face and body wash that doubles as a sunscreen.

Using the process of micro-encapsulation, it ensured a protective film of sunscreen was left after rinsing, said Seena Seka, head of product development.

An anti-hangover shower gel, which contains ingredients to help oxidise the body and can help reduce the effects of the morning after, is also being developed under the Calypso brand.

The face and body wash, which will be priced between £1.99 and £2.99, will be targeted at children and adults and will also be positioned as a men’s shampoo when it goes on sale next year.

Anti-hangover shower gels are still a fairly new concept. A Lynx anti-hangover shower gel called Recover was launched by Unilever in 2006.

However, some are sceptical of the concept. “Anti-hangover shower gel is a gimmick and I doubt it delivers any more than any other herbal or invigorating shower gel,” said Yvonne Reid category controller at Nisa-Today’s.

Linco said its shower gel, also expected to launch next year, would contain ingredients that promote blood circulation, which would speed up the recovery period from the effects of alcohol.

The company is also in the final process of developing a once-a-day sun protection cream with anti-ageing properties as well as an after sun moisturiser that doubles up as an insect repellent.