Scottish salmon farmer Loch Duart has moved into the value-added sector with the acquisition of Hebridean smokery Salar Smokehouse.

Loch Duart sells fresh salmon through fish counters in Sainsbury’s and other outlets, and was already supplying salmon to Salar for use in its Flaky Smoked Salmon. The deal gave Loch Duart a stronger presence at different ends of the market, said the company’s MD Nick Joy, adding that the company expected to produce 6,000 tonnes of salmon in 2009.

“We have been supplying our salmon to Salar for this product for some time, so this is an extension of a relationship that is already strong,” said Joy. “To top it off, the Smokehouse is situated on the quayside next to our Loch Carnan site.” Salar owners Jane and Eric Twelves are retiring following the sale. “We are happy that we are leaving the smokehouse in good hands,” said Jane Twelves.