Andrex is the first toilet paper brand to claim a reduced carbon footprint with Andrex Longer Lasting, launched this month.

The white roll has 50% more tissue than regular Andrex and uses less pulp and fibre.

The new packaging formats - two 'tower packs' of three and six rolls - are designed to be easier to carry and take up less space in the trolley and the home.

"By offering 50% more toilet tissue in a more space-efficient way, we are reducing the number of truck deliveries to retailers," said Troy Warfield, general manager UK and Ireland. "In year one we estimate a reduction of CO2 across the category representing a saving of 57,000 miles - the equivalent of a truck travelling around the globe twice."

The launch will be backed by a £2.5m campaign.

The concept of thicker toilet paper was introduced by Procter & Gamble's Charmin Double roll.