Lucozade has launched a product promising mental stimulation, which will sit alongside its existing range of energy-boosting drinks.

Lucozade Alert, which is being launched initially in the Irish Republic and Northern Irish markets, combines glucose, caffeine, ginseng and guarana in 250ml bottles. The drink, which is aimed mainly at students and workers who need to sharpen their mental performance, is intended to reinforceing Lucozade's leadership in the sports and energy drinks sector.

A spokeswoman for brand owner GlaxoSmith-Kline (GSK) said there were no plans yet to bring it to the UK. Its arrival in the Irish markets would be backed by outdoor, digital and TV ads, she said.

In May, GSK released Lucozade Sport with Caffeine boost, which is designed to help physical and mental performance, in the UK. The full line-up, which includes Lucozade Hydro Active and Lucozade Sport, has grown 33% in the past year, said the company.