Lucozade Sport is reacting to increased competition in the sports energy drink market by "upping its game" with advertising spend doubling and three new products.

Brand owner GlaxoSmithKline unveiled the news for its Lucozade Sport, Energy and Alert brands this week, with Chris Rodi, group brand manager for Lucozade Sport, admitting that new competitors in the sports and energy drink market combined with the effects of the recession on consumer spending had slowed growth of Lucozade Sport last year.

In the last half of 2009, sales of Sport grew just 4.8% [Nielsen 26w/e 28 November 2009]. However, Rodi said he expected the £21m ad spend to boost sales growth.

"As the market leader in sports and energy drinks, we were bound to take a hit in the recession," Rodi said.

He added: "For 2010 we are continuing to invest more than our competitors. There have been a huge amount of different brands coming in in 2009, but we have an emotional point of difference. I think we're the most trusted brand."

GSK this week announced three pieces of NPD under Lucozade Sport's nutrition range. That was to take advantage of a category that was small but expanding fast as "new formats become more acceptable", Rodi said.

The new products comprise the Pro Muscle 'All in One' Carbohydrate Protein & Creatine Bar (rsp: £1.99); the Body Fuel Carbohydrate Energy Bar (rsp: 99p); and Body Fuel Jelly Beans (rsp: 99p). The additions will grow the range to number 38 SKUs.

Separately, a £10m investment across the entire Lucozade Energy range of drinks for 2010 includes a new on-pack promotion to 'Win an Adventure Everyday'. The campaign will be supported by TV and cinema advertising from 15 March.

Meanwhile, the profile of GSK's Lucozade Alert Plus energy shot is set for a major promotional boost. A £5m investment for 2010 will include what GSK claimed is the first TV ad specifically made for an energy shot. The spot will debut on 6 March with the new strapline 'Do more'.