Fredericks Dairies is adding a Lyle's Golden Syrup flavoured ice cream to its portfolio to tap into the trend for indulgent products.

The one-litre tubs, which bear the same green and gold branding as the classic syrup tin, are currently rolling out to Tesco, priced £2.79. They consist of ice cream with sponge pieces swirled with Lyle's Golden Syrup, and are targeted at loyal syrup users.

Luxury ice cream was the top performer in the ice cream market last year with sales up 13.4% to £64.4m, bucking the downward trend for the total category, which slipped 1.5% to £605.4m [TNS].

"Consumers would rather have a smaller portion of something really decadent than a large portion of something that doesn't deliver that feel good factor," said David Taylor, sales and marketing director for Fredericks Dairies.

The dairy produces a range of ice creams under license from Cadbury, including Flake tubs and Dairy Milk sticks, as well as Del Monte Smoothie lollies.