Halewood International is to concentrate on the pear variant of its Maguire's cider brand following the disappointing performance of its apple variant. It is also adding a raspberry flavoured cider to the range.

"Maguire's Apple hasn't performed to expectation so while we will continue to produce it, we will focus more on where we are strong," said Richard Clark, marketing controller. "That means promoting Maguire's Pear Cider, giving it a new label and strengthening the range with new additions."

The pear cider has a new label emphasising the fruit and will be promoted with a £250,000 consumer and trade campaign that will see the brand pitched against other pear ciders in a taste challenge. Food and drink expert Philippe Boucheron is creating food matching suggestions and cocktail recipes.

The new raspberry flavour will also be promoted in a bid to bring more women and younger drinkers into the category.