Seven of Britain's top 10 fmcg brands are ignoring the Queen's Jubilee, a survey by The Grocer has revealed. Only three of Britain's best selling brands, Walkers, Kit Kat and Nescafé, have planned marketing activity. The results have shocked some expert commentators who claim the likes of Coca-Cola, Stella Artois and Müller could be missing out on a golden opportunity to promote their products during the celebrations. It is thought many manufacturers that had shunned involvement in the celebrations have been surprised by the Queen's sudden rise in popularity during her 50th year on the throne. Peter Doyle, professor of marketing at Warwick University, told The Grocer: "A lot of companies have underestimated the significance of the Jubilee and the opportunities it represented." He said many companies may now rue decisions not to launch advertising or special editions. However, another marketing expert claimed supporting the Jubilee could turn off some consumers. A Robinsons spokesman said: "We looked at the potential of the event and decided not to do anything." l See page 28. {{NEWS }}