Pernod Ricard says its Malibu-branded 'pop up' TV show could spearhead a new form of advertising.

'Malibu presents Boom TV' debuted on 4Music and KISSTV last week. It will run for 12 weeks and aims to showcase the brand's Caribbean character to 4.4 million "hip, young urban drinkers", Pernod said.

Featuring interviews with R&B DJs and urban music artists in a London warehouse apartment, the show contnues the coconut rum's Maliboom-Boom TV and radio advertising of earlier this summer.

Pernod claimed 'pop up' TV shows were set to emerge as a powerful new form of TV advertising.

"The Boom TV collaboration with 4Music and KISS TV allows us to take the same ethos behind the advertising and apply it in a way that is even more relevant and meaningful to people's everyday lives," said Pernod's director of customer development, Dan Reuby.