ferrero rocher

Independent retailers and wholesalers are missing out on sales during the big Asian festivals of Diwali and Eid, claims a new survey.

The survey of 1,000 indies by confectionery giant Ferrero found 71% of retailers did not actively engage with customers around the occasions, despite 72% agreeing they sold a lot of chocolate during the festivals, with 65% saying boxed chocolates were the most common items.

Ferrero now plans to partner with retailers and wholesalers to grow businesses during the Asian festivals. The manufacturer said it would be providing category expertise and bespoke PoS as well as tracking sales to help its customers unlock sales and identify optimum executions.

“By providing a tailored approach to these occasions - in the same way we would Christmas or Easter - we can trigger impulse purchases and drive strong category growth,” said Ferrero customer development director Levi Boorer.