Reckitt Benckiser is hoping to encourage Brits to learn to love their dishwashers with a new advertising push for Finish.

Breaking on TV on Easter Monday, the £4m push – which will also include digital, social and in-store activity - has been developed to move away from the industry’s traditional functional approach to marketing. The first ad, called Dishes, is designed to show how the dishwasher makes a difference in a range of occasions in everyday life.

“With this new campaign we are looking to create a more emotional connection between the consumer and dishwashing by demonstrating the simple human truth that life creates dirty dishes,” said Finish marketing director Helen Powell. “It is a big departure for Finish and the category but is firmly based in our understanding of consumers and how they perceive the dishwasher, which sits in the kitchen and is taken for granted.”

The first part of the campaign will run through the spring and summer, with two TV ads - Dishes and Glasses - promoting Finish Shine & Protect.