Morrisons Portsmouth

Submitted by Nicola Bourne

There was something a bit fishy about Morrisons Portsmouth’s entry into our Easter #instorespot contest, but the judges loved the unusual arrangement.

“We thought the Morrisons Portsmouth fish bunny display was a worthy winner. You might question it, but the effort required to get creative in the fresh food section is considerable and showed a flair of creativity amongst the larger grocers. The rabbit display amongst the coke cans was also good,” said Angus Maciver, CEO of McCurrach.

”We were pleased by the efforts made within the convenience sector again – really showing what can be achieved in a smaller space. The Co-op Lampeter store again deserve a mention for their cute Easter egg hunt display.”

“After discussing the entries we all agreed that yes, the Lindt bunny car at Asda Great Bridge was impressive, we couldn’t see from the picture how exactly it engaged the shopper other than being something to look at,” said Sue McVie, shopper marketing director for Kerry Foods. “After checking online too – to try and find out more about the promotion – we drew a blank.”

“We all agreed that along with similar POS initiatives and price investment in lamb and eggs - if you weren’t a meat eating £1 chocolate egg fan, there was little inspiration this Easter. The residual Easter stocks, especially in confectionary, instore today seem to indicate that the Easter strategy didn’t attract shoppers attention. Using my best teachers voice, retailers could do better!” said judge Catherine Shuttleworth. “Whilst I saw some great campaigns on the digital front – with Easter egg hunt games etc., they failed to continue that effort instore. Such a shame and a real missed opportunity.”