Morrisons logo

Morrisons is testing a new logo at its relaunched Merrion Centre supermarket in Leeds, which harks back to the retailer’s 19th century origins.

The new fascia, uses a new “friendly” font incorporating the “I” in Morrisons into a tree design with golden leaves, or petals. Also included underneath the name of the store is the phrase “Since 1899”, alluding to the establishment of the business as an eggs and butter stall in that year by Sir Ken Morrison’s father.

A Morrisons spokesman said there were no plans to roll the logo out further to other stores, vehicles, the retailer’s website or marketing materials.

“Our recently relaunched Merrion Centre store features a variation of the Morrisons logo. We are constantly listening to customers to ensure that we reflect their changing needs and what makes Morrisons better and different,” he said.

“Every part of our offer is looked at through the customers’ eyes and this applies to the way we present our stores.”

Richard Hyman, the veteran retail consultant, said he worried “a little” that the new logo was a case of “the cart being placed ahead of the horse”.

He thought the new signage was better than its general estate fascia “though that’s perhaps not saying much.”

“Morrisons needs to be clear exactly what it is and where it sits. This thinking is developed in the boardroom but is ultimately decided by customers. This theory and practice is still very much work in progress,” added Hyman.

Rival Asda, whose head office is in Leeds, started rolling out its own logo refresh earlier this year, incorporating the yellow rays of sun that feature in the Walmart logo.