Coffee made happy

Nescafé has gone super hi-tech to give consumers a virtual reality experience of Brazil’s coffee fields.

Brand owner Nestlé has linked with Google in what it describes as “a fully immersive virtual reality experience” and says it is the world’s first coffee brand to do so.

It works by downloading the Nescafé 360˚ app, available on both Android and iPhone mobiles, and slipping the phone into a Nescafé-branded Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer. The viewer has two lenses that provide a stereoscopic image. Users can turn their head in any direction to experience coffee fields through three 3D videos accessible via the app.

The videos showcase how the company’s Nescafé Plan is helping its supplier farmers achieve better quality coffee, higher yields and increased income.

Nestlé is distributing about 10,000 headsets in 13 markets, through in-store events or as competition prices.