co-op tv advert

The Co-operative Group is set to launch a new TV advertising campaign playing on the nostalgia customers have for the society’s stores.

The ad is due to air at Easter and was filmed on location at the society’s Carpenders Park store in Watford.

The Co-op is not revealing details of the ad yet, but this week posted a photo of the ad being filmed on Facebook with the message: “We can’t give too much away, but we’re hoping to bring back memories of when we were young and had to nip on an errand to the local Co-op for a few bits.

“It will hit your screens in Easter, so keep your eyes open.”

Focusing on nostalgia will be a change of tack for the society, which in recent years has been aiming to attract younger customers.

In May last year, its own survey revealed only 12% of 16 to 24-year-olds believed The Co-op was “the most trusted brand” compared with 43% of over 55s.

And the results of its Have Your Say survey, released in December, revealed of the nearly 150,000 people who took part in the survey, just 2% were aged between 18 and 24, and only 7% were aged 25-34. In contrast, 28% were aged 55-64 and 20% 45-54.

In September 2013 it also introduced a 10% discount for students with an NUS Extra card in its food stores. This week, it extended this to include NUS Apprentice Extra cards.

The ad follows a successful Christmas campaign. The Co-op attributed those ads for like-for-like growth in its c-stores of 3.5% over Christmas.