Red Bull ad

Red Bull is hoping to encourage consumers to get moving in ‘bleak winter months’ in its latest push for the energy drink. 

Running now, the One Can And You Can campaign features bespoke messages on trains, cycle routes and fitness clubs, supported with online advertising based on the time of the day to target ‘that morning run or evening workout’. 

The push had been designed to deliver the message that one can of Red Bull could give consumers the motivation and energy to “get moving”, said head of category marketing Gavin Lissimore, adding that it positioned the drink as “the difference between a night on the sofa and a night at the gym”. 

“The activity will give consumers the mental and physical boost needed to encourage active lifestyles, fitness routines and exercise goals, particularly relevant at a time of year when most of us would rather be wrapped up warm in front of the TV.”

Red Bull is encouraging consumers to go on its website to claim a can, while delivering free samples to student sport teams.