Smirnoff ad

Smirnoff has been let off by advertising watchdogs following a trio of complaints relating to a YouTube ad for the vodka brand.

The complaints, submitted on behalf of the Youth Alcohol Advertising Council (YAAC), were in relation to a video promoting Smirnoff Vodka that featured young people getting ready to party, while enjoying the spirit, followed by club and party scenes.

Throughout the ad, neon slogans appeared on screen, including ‘bring wherever you’re from’, ‘bring wherever you’re headed’, ‘bring your light’, ‘bring moves’, ‘bring drop it’ and ‘Smirnoff #whatwebring’.

The YAAC challenged whether the video, shown on the Smirnoff Europe YouTube channel on 18 June 2016, implied that alcohol was a key component of social success; was likely to appeal to under 18s and breached the rules on alcohol advertising because it featured a girl who looked under the age of 25.

The three issues were investigated by the ASA, but none of them were upheld.