tom daley

Volvic Touch of Fruit has teamed with Olympic diver Tom Daley for a £2.6m push with the strap ‘Reveal Your Flavour’.

Aimed at encouraging Brits to “embrace their true selves and reveal their hidden talents and passions”, the campaign invites shoppers to share secrets on for the chance of their entry becoming a large digital poster for display across the UK over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Daley kicked off the activity with the revelation that, despite spending most of his time in a swimming pool, he is not a very good swimmer.

Volvic has also launched 18 limited-edition Touch of Fruit bottles (rsp: 80p/50cl) with personality types that “people can identify with”, from ‘karaoke king’ to ‘social media dodger’. The brand will show a series of short documentaries on four people who have “demonstrated inner strength”. They will be available via social media and as part of Volvic’s Channel 4 sponsorship, ‘Unstoppable moments on 4’.

“There is often more to people than meets the eye,” said Tom Hickton, Volvic marketing manager. “Touch of Fruit is here to give you the confidence to be proud of who you are and unveil a new side of yourself.”