Waitrose At Home Whisky Tasting

Source: Waitrose

Guests are shown how to make three simple cocktails and pair the spirits with sodas

Waitrose Wine Tasting at Home has followed up the success of its ‘Gin ’O Clock’ experience with Discover Whisky.

The new guided masterclass, launched yesterday, sees a Waitrose whisky specialist bring a selection of whiskies and pairings straight to customers’ doors.

The tasting showcases five whiskies: Maker’s Mark, The Chita, Highland Park 12, Jim Beam Double Oak and Laphroaig.

Guests are shown how to make three simple cocktails and pair the spirits with sodas. They will also taste the distinctive pairing of double oak whisky with dark salted caramel chocolate, and Laphroaig with a selection of cheeses.

Participants take home one complimentary highball glass and one rock glass.

Waitrose said the experience would be a far cry from the “dated whisky and chaser”.

Customers would discover “new and exciting” drams from around the world and learn how to incorporate them into what it said were “simple, yet impressive” cocktails.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing a truly memorable experience to people’s homes. Whisky is a drink that is often enjoyed with a fizzy accompaniment, with some finding the drink overpowering,” said Andrew Riding, drinks experience manager at Waitrose Wine Tasting at Home.

“This tasting shows just how versatile whisky can be by showing guests simple and delicious cocktails and delicious food pairings.”

Waitrose Wine Tasting at Home also offers gin, fizz and wine experiences. Gluten-free and vegan options are available.

The tasting is for a minimum of six people. Prices start at £30 a head. It is available across most of the UK.