Marks & Spencer has set its sights on selling Britain's highest quality organic beef.

The retailer's beef supplier, Chitty Food Group, is launching a producer club to recruit the nation's best organic livestock farmers for M&S. They will get PR and marketing support, an M&S select farm plaque and accreditation to M&S farm assurance standards.

More importantly, they will be paid a minimum of 280p/kg deadweight for their cattle and receive a bonus for hitting timing and quality targets.

"M&S knows its customers expect the best quality organic beef," says David Price, Chitty Food Group's sales and marketing director. "We plan to unite the best farmers in a group committed to excellence."

Farmers will also receive an annual headage bonus depending on the weight and grade of the animals they supply. "The best way to get quality beef is to work closely with producers," said Rob Cumine, agricultural manager for beef, lamb and milk at M&S.