Concern over the welfare of calves has led Marks & Spencer to stop selling white veal.

Calves' liver is also being pulled as it comes from the animals reared on the Continent for white veal, often in small crates, which restrict their movement.

M&S will only start selling veal again in January, once it has sourced supplies of higher-welfare rosé veal from Britain. The price of this in-store has not yet been fixed.

"High animal welfare is at the heart of our business, which is why we have taken the lead on banning white veal and calves' liver from our stores," said Marks & Spencer director of food Steven Esom.

The male calves used in veal production will come from M&S dairy farms, where the bullocks would otherwise be slaughtered because they are useless for milk production.

The move by M&S comes in the same week as York council banned foie gras from all council-owned outlets in the city.