M&S Aylesford store

The technical problems mean refunds and exchanges involving cards cannot take place.

M&S stores have been experiencing technical issues today (14 August), leaving them to be unable to accept card payments from customers.

Around a quarter of M&S’s 979 branches are impacted, including the Bond Street, London Simply Food and West Bridgford Nottingham Food Hall, and Fargate, Sheffield and London Paddington stores.

The problems, which began this morning, also mean refunds and exchanges involving card-based transactions cannot take place.

One Twitter user said “all but one” of the tills at the Fargate, Sheffield store were unable to process payments made by card. The scene at the store was called “a bit chaotic” by another disgruntled customer.

Another said the technical issue at M&S’s London Paddington branch had led him to shop with an alternative retailer. “Sainsbury’s is very happy to take all your customers again. Love your food but your service is forcing me elsewhere,” he said.

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A spokesman for M&S said while the majority of its stores are trading as normal, some “are currently experiencing technical difficulties with their tills and are unable to take card payments at this time.”

M&S did not confirm when the issues would be amended, but told The Grocer it was working to resolve them “as soon as we possibly can.”

This comes just days after the first seven of the more than 100 M&S branches are due to close shut their doors for the final time. The closures are taking place under the retailer’s restructuring plans designed to make it more efficient and commercial.